Showdown in the Plains


Jeri Paige Goodman

Taytum Showing

Emma Stevenson, Writer

To help students grow their showing skills, junior Taytum Goodman, senior Halee Toscano, and sophomore Alix Campos stepped into the showing ring last Saturday at the South Plains Goat Show to show off their skills to the judges. 

“This show was the first show that one of my goats had ever been to,” Goodman said. “I was in showmanship that morning, and throughout the day, I showed in two classes with my goats.” 

There is a lot of preparation that goes into having goats. Showmanship is based on how the goat handles and how the person handles the goat. 

“Showmanship is won at home, not in the ring,” FFA Advisor Alan Been said.  

During showmanship, Taytum did very well through the prospectors’ and judges’ eyes. 

“The showmanship class was really big. There were over 50 people and their goats in the ring,” Goodman said. “I was in the top 15, and that was really good since I have not been showing goats my whole life. Showmanship is a lot of work, but that is ok because I enjoy the work that goes into it.” 

 After showmanship the actual show started with Goodman in class three and six, Toscano in class seven, and Campos in class eight.  

“For the first goat show of the year, I did really well,” Toscano said, “I did not place, but I plan on getting better.” 

Toscano normally just shows pigs, but this year she and her mom decided they wanted to show goats as well. Trying to learn the different processes for showing pigs instead of goats has taken some time but has been a beneficial experience.

“Showing goats is a lot different than showing pigs,” Toscano said.  

Overall, our students did very well and expect that the best is yet to come.  

“I really enjoy showing goats,” Goodman said. “It is so much fun, and I plan on working hard and getting better at every show I go.”