First Places Coming Out of the Tri State Fair

Junior Slade Beerwinkle showing his heifer.

Sarah Weldon

Junior Slade Beerwinkle showing his heifer.

Taytum Goodman, Writer

FFA members, Taytum Goodman, Slade Beerwinkle, Sloane Beerwinkle, and Saige Beerwinkle, all showed at the Tri State Fair this past weekend.  Goodman showed a goat on Friday and the Beerwinkles showed heifers on that Saturday.  All these Wolverines experienced success at the fair. 

“Taytum got first in her class and then went in for the division,” Jeana Bridges said.  

The Beerwinkles also placed first in their classes as well. 

“We got five first places with our heifers,” junior Slade Beerwinkle said. 

Overall, everybody was happy with their placings, especially since it was their first official show of the year. 

“I know Taytum went to some jackpots before this show, but since this was the first official show of the year, getting first was pretty good Taytum told me,” Bridges said. 

Looking farther into the show season Slade only has positive thoughts.

Junior Taytum Goodman showing her goat at the fair. (Livestock Photo Company (

“It’s just going to get better from here,” Slade said.  

Showing brings several aspects that students find very enjoyable.

“I always ask Taytum about her goats, and she tells me it’s a lot of work, but she loves it,” Bridges said.  “She also stated that she hasn’t found something about showing goats that she didn’t enjoy.”

Parent Sarah Weldon was there to support her kids and enjoyed seeing their success.

“The show was a success for the Beerwinkle kids,” Weldon said.  “Each one of them came away with class winners. Slade was named the breed champion with his bred heifer, and Saige followed up with reserve. As always it was fun to watch them and cheer them on from the stands. We had a great time.” 

Goodman and the Beerwinkles will also be showing at the South Plains Fair in the coming weeks. 

“Taytum is also always ready to show. She says its always fun,” Bridges said.