Wolverine Spotlight: Roel Fuentes


Rosie Hernandez

Roel Fuentes gearing up for another play.

Rosie Hernandez, Writer

Being a student, one faces many hardships throughout their school career. With those hardships can come great accomplishments, but one must be determined enough to take on the adversity in order to achieve success. Much like Maya Angelou once said, “You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated.” One student who has strived to be the best version of himself is senior Roel Fuentes, who has caught the attention of others through his responsibility as a student, athlete, and young adult. 

Each week, a student is chosen by teachers who have noticed exemplary leadership, responsibility, and integrity that they have demonstrated. By exhibiting these characteristics, especially in athletics, Fuentes has earned this week’s Wolverine Spotlight.

Roel Fuentes has been a part of the Wolverine athletics program since 6th grade and has also been a part of little league sports. He has learned many lessons along the way. Being a senior this year, he is left to make a mark on the lower classmates by showing them what it takes to be a part of the athletics program. 

“I hope that for this football season he realizes that he’s a senior and this is his last year to make a mark on it,” senior Abrie Escalante said. “I also hope he helps to bring up the boys when they’re struggling and learn new skills himself along the way.”

While athletics is about hard work and putting in time and effort, it is also a family of people who have each other’s backs, and a program that has many lessons to teach on and off the field. Roel demonstrates his leadership of these lessons to be learned when he is on and off the field.

“Roel has leadership because all his senior friends follow him,” teacher Marlana Tanaro said. “When he goes on the field, he sets an example for underclassmen to follow.”

More than anything, Roel joined athletics to have fun with friends and play the sport he enjoys so much. Little did he know he would be taught numerous principles of life in the process.

“I joined athletics to be in shape and to have fun, but athletics has taught me many things like never giving up and being great at what you do,” Fuentes said. “My nephew, Zias, inspires me to not give up and to do great things because when he gets older, I want him to look back and be like, ‘Man, RORO was a stud.’ ”

I want people to know that you can be great at whatever you do as long as you put in the work and time.

— Roel Fuentes

To be a part of athletics and on the football team, one must have true diligence. Athletes can be found staying after school from 4 to 6:30 during the football season. Through sports, one is taught how to be on time and success is only met by those who put in the practice to earn better results, a lesson Fuentes feels he has learned himself over the years and wants to share with others.

“To be in athletics, I feel that you need to be mentally tough,” Fuentes said. “I want people to know that you can be great at whatever you do as long as you put in the work and time.”

For Fuentes, he wants to see his team strive and succeed throughout this season. On his list of accomplishments he hopes to fulfill is going to state in basketball later on this year. Others know that Fuentes has the mentality and kind-hearted nature to bring a team together and make his goals a reality.

“Roel is a very energetic dude and can get along with a bunch of people,” Escalante said. “He tries to bring everyone together in a family kind of way.”