Senior Spotlight: Cain Tovar

Annabelle Anchondo, Editor

A quote that senior Cain Tovar has lived by his entire life is one said by Julius Caesar himself, “Veni. Vidi. Vici,” which translates to, “I came. I saw. I conquered.” These exact words are what Cain has done and strives to do in his life once he graduates high school.  

Cain Tovar is the second oldest child of Kassandra and Aron Tovar. Born in Littlefield, Texas, Cain has been raised in Earth his entire life with his four siblings: Mimi, Angelina, Josh, and Ariel. After graduation, Cain does not have a specific college or university he wants to attend in regards to his career, but he has always planned to enter a profession that would allow him to do something unique. Cain wants to enter the United States Army Special Forces and become a Green Beret, an occupation he hopes to pursue his entire life.  

Joining the Special Forces was not always the career that he envisioned for himself, but one that came to him later in life as he entered his sophomore year. 

“Ever since I seen that movie, American Sniper, with Chris Kyle, I’ve always wanted to be a Green Beret. Being a Green Beret, there’s always the unknown, and that’s what I like about it. They get to send me places far away to go do stuff that I love,” C. Tovar said. “Growing up, I wanted to be in the NFL because football is the best thing ever, but when sophomore year rolled around, and American Sniper came out, I knew what I wanted to do.” 

Cain Tovar taking a picture with his Camaro. (Tovar Family)

Growing up, football has always played a very notable role in his life. Before he could play Little League Football, Cain’s dad taught him the rules of the game, and both could be seen at the park playing football together. Then after Little League had passed, Cain began playing football for Springlake-Earth in the 7th grade. Especially since entering high school, football has held a special place in his heart. 

“Football helped me when I was going through a tough time,” C. Tovar said “Football made me happy when I was sad.” 

Even though walking off the field one last time will be hard, Coach Brian Mahler is proud of the athlete and person that has accompanied him for the past several years. 

“I’ve enjoyed getting to know Cain as a young adult,” Mahler said. “It’s really been neat to watch him grow and become a great, young man.”

Besides football, Cain has participated in several extracurriculars including DIM. Outside of school, Cain loves growing plants and spending time with “the prims.” For Cain, his friends are not just friends; they are brothers, a principle that former SE student Braxton Ethridge shares. 

“I don’t even see Cain as a friend anymore. I see him as a brother and always will until the day I leave this earth,” Ethridge said. “Over the course of two years, Cain and I became closer than most people would do in 10. I think without him, I would have given up a long time ago.” 

Besides being a loyal, loving, and caring person to anyone in his circle, Cain is someone to always make someone laugh, an aspect that he knows has been such an important part of his life as well as the lives of those around him.  

(Left to right) Micah Sanchez, Roel Fuentes, Jerry Gallegos, Gavin Villanueva, and Cain Tovar. (Cain Tovar)

“You have to have fun in life. It makes life a whole lot easier because any bad day can be cured by having fun and making your time spent more enjoyable,” C. Tovar said. “What’s the point in something if you’re not having fun doing it.” 

His humor and ability to always make any moment a fun time is a characteristic that many love about Cain, including good friend, Gavin Villanueva.  

“Cain is a very funny person and fun to be around,” Villanueva said. “He is always funny about everything. He loves talking to people, and he puts a smile on everybody’s face.” 

For Cain’s mom, Kassandra, his banter and natural capability to make any time spent with him enjoyable is something she loves the most. 

“Cain is a great son and has the best sense of humor,” K. Tovar said. “My favorite thing about being Cain’s mom is that there’s never a dull moment with him. He can always brighten up a room with his smile and charm. He knows how to be a good big brother even though sometimes it’s in secret.” 

Many know from his work ethic and joking personality that only good things will surround him in his life as he begins his journey beyond Springlake-Earth.  

“I know he’s going to be great and do great things in this life, and I am very proud to call him my son,” K. Tovar said. 

Braxton Ethridge and Cain Tovar hanging out. (Braxton Ethridge)

As far as his senior year goes, Ethridge wishes his brother the best and holds one piece of advice. 

“I hope he makes good decisions and enjoys it while it lasts because you don’t get your senior year back,” Ethridge said.

Cain is looking forward to finishing up his senior year, soaking up every moment that he can. He is excited to embark on his own course in life as he walks across the stage to receive his diploma and take the road less traveled in life. 

“I’m going to live life with the idea that I’m going to be a first-place winner, not a first-place loser,” C. Tovar said. “That’s my motto for success.”