Presenting SEHS’s 2022 Valedictorian and Salutatorian!


Annabelle Anchondo, Editor

Each year, the top two academically ranked students are selected from the senior class and given the title of either Valedictorian or Salutatorian. When receiving such titles, these students are recognized for all of the time, hard work, and commitment they have had to put in over the last four years in order to be ranked the top of their class.  

This year’s senior class is made up of several hard working, humble, and determined individuals, so being recognized as top of the class is a title that was heavily earned. Representing the graduating class of 2022 as Valedictorian is Davey Crandall and Katy Jones follows as Salutatorian.  

Both seniors carry great honor when being recognized at such degree and are proud of the goal they were able to accomplish in the short few years spent at SEHS. 

“Going into graduation, it feels good to be able to wear that valedictorian stoll,” Davey Crandall said. “I’m honored, and I’m grateful to the Lord and for all the people that have pushed me and have helped me along the way.”

To finally earn such a highly regarded title was a life-long goal that became accomplished, something that both seniors couldn’t be more grateful and proud of.  

“I’ve been working to being the salutatorian since freshman year and now that’s it’s official it’s hard to believe,” Katy Jones said. “It makes me feel accomplished because my dream is coming true.”

Both know that without the help from others, whether it be in pushing them to be their best or giving them the extra bit of confidence they needed, they wouldn’t have been able to get to where they are at. 

“My mom and dad always made sure that academics and school was our main focus while we were in school. They made sure that we knew what we’re here for and made sure we did a good job at it,” Davey Crandall said. “I wouldn’t be near as smart as I am if it wasn’t for my parents pushing me and making sure I always did stuff right and did stuff on time. I’m definitely grateful because without them, I know I would not be the rank in my class that I am.” 

Being top of her class as well, Davey’s older sister, Hannah, agrees that their success came from the teachings of their parents.  

“My dad always expected us to represent ourselves, our family and our community well; and my mom told us every day before school to be a light, meaning to be a friend to and share God’s love with everyone,” Hannah Crandall said. “Davey embodies all those things, and I think our raising is the real reason we have found success.” 

For Katy, her dad has always been her number one supporter that gave her the motivation to strive to be a better student and person. 

“I have always been extremely proud of Katy, not only as a student, but more importantly as a person. I’m overcome with joy to see her do her best no matter how her best compares to that of others,” Craig Jones said. “I’m thrilled that Katy has learned to set her standards and commit to doing what is required to achieve those standards.” 

To finally fulfill the standards of Valedictorian and Salutatorian is a task that cannot be achieved easily, but both Davey and Katy rose to the occasion, a fact that Katy’s cousin, Karson Jones, is especially proud of.  

“It made me feel really really proud because that is not an easy task and it took many years of hard work and dedication,” Karson Jones said. “It will bring Katy very much success through whatever she does.” 

Even though that their family is beyond proud, it has been a bittersweet moment seeing both grow up and raise to such level of success.  

“Seeing Davey grow and become this successful, smart and ambitious man has been bittersweet. He’s always been a little genius, and I’ve never had a doubt in my mind that he would be valedictorian,” Hannah Crandall said. “I don’t know if he realizes just how many great things are coming his way because of his hard work, and I’m excited to see those things come to fruition.” 

Everyone is glad to see two humble and diligent individuals receive the largest titles a senior can receive, and many know that God has a beautiful journey planned for them beyond the doors of Springlake-Earth. 

“I believe that God has big plans for our Katy! Becoming salutatorian is just one milestone in her journey He has set before her,” Michelle Jones said. “If she will focus on His desires for her life, she will continue to succeed in all areas of her life.” 

Despite any recognition of their success, both seniors strive to be better students, leaders, and individuals as they progress further into their lives, and many are excited to see what the future holds for these two young individuals. 

“The class as a whole has a lot of potential in the future and I’m excited to see where they end up!” teacher Sarah Weldon said.