Senior Spotlight Keshan Holmes

Senior Spotlight Keshan Holmes

“I am ready to graduate,” Keshan Holmes said. 

Holmes is the younger sibling of Kara and Kolby and an older brother to Kani.  His girlfriend is Paige Garner, and together they have two kids.   

“My life was impacted the most when I had my two kids, my son Khalis who is one and my newborn daughter Nylah,” Holmes said. 

In school, Holmes participates in a few extracurricular activities. 

“I play football, basketball, I did track for three years, and baseball for one year,” Holmes said. 

Holmes’ coach was also his teacher for one year in high school. 

“I taught him US history,” Scout Royal said. “He is a good student; I coached him in football, basketball, and even a little baseball. He is a good all-around athlete.”

All through Holmes’ high school career he can say he has a memory he will not forget. 

“My favorite memory of high school is being district champs in football,” Holmes said. 

After high school, Holmes plans on continuing his education at college. 

“I plan on working this summer and then going to college and majoring in journalism,” Holmes said. 

Holmes also has hobbies he enjoys doing. 

“I love hanging out with Paige and my kids, playing video games, and working out,” Holmes said. 

Royal also has hopes and expectations he wants to see from Holmes in the future. 

 “For Keshan he is one of those guys that can do whatever he wants to do,” Royal said. “I want to see him be a great dad, be successful in life, do what he wants to, and if he can do that, he will have fun forever.”