Senior Spotlight: Trace Goodman

Senior Trace Goodman


Senior Trace Goodman

Annabelle Anchondo and Sam Alderson

“I’m excited to see what my future holds for me, and I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else anywhere else,” senior Trace Goodman said.  

Trace Goodman, one of the many SE graduates this year, is the oldest son of Jeri and Jaime Goodman and big brother to sophomore Taytum Goodman. Born in Lubbock and raised in Earth his entire life, he plans on staying true to his roots and pursuing a career in agriculture. In the fall, Trace plans to attend Texas Tech University to obtain his degree in ag business. He hopes to run track at the college as well. Throughout high school, Trace has been involved in FFA, National Honor Society, Student Council, and athletics, playing each and every sport. He has also competed in many UIL events, including Science, Accounting, and History.  

Pursuing a career in agriculture has always been the goal for Trace and one that has been influenced by his passion for ag and enjoying time spent with his father while on the job.  

“I’ve always been in the ag field since I was born and being in the ag field was always something I wanted to do,” Trace said. “It’s always interested me riding around in the fields with my dad.” 

Jaime is a salesman for Wilbur Ellis and sells crop and chemical seed to farmers in the area. He also managed Wilbur Ellis in Earth for some time. 

“When I was younger, I used to always go to meetings with him, and that’s always interested me,” Trace said. “I always paid a lot of attention to that.” 

Not only does he want to follow in his dad’s footsteps, but Trace also wants to chase after one true passion he has had his entire life: running track.  

“That’s my favorite sport, and it’s what I’ve worked the hardest at throughout my school career,” Trace said. “It’s just most fun to me.” 

Trace has had much success in track, including making it to state his junior year and earning a bronze medal in the 400-meter run. He has high expectations for himself when competing at the college level. 

“My goal for track is to go as hard as I can one hundred percent of the time, put in all the extra work I need to put in, and strive to be like my little sister,” Trace said. 

Taytum has also had much success in track and cross country, something that the two share in common and a factor that has tightened the special bond they share. Being so close, Taytum is sad that he has to leave but knows he has great things ahead of him in the future. 

“I want him to graduate, but I don’t want him to leave,” Taytum said. “We have always been there for each other, and he is the best brother ever.” 

Something Taytum will miss most is all the fun they have had washing cars together in the mobile car wash business Trace has had since a freshman.  

“We have fun together no matter what we are doing, especially when we are washing cars,” Taytum said.

She knows that there will be many more special moments to be shared with her brother and that the car wash business is not going anywhere. During and after college, Trace plans to keep his business alive and thriving in hopes of owning his own detail shop one day. 

“Wherever I end up, I want to have it as a side gig,” Trace said. “Having the detailing shop is a for sure thing that I want to have no matter what.” 

Above anything, Trace wants to continue being himself no matter what life throws at him. His mom, Coach Been, is excited to see him do that because she knows his leadership, motivation, and will to push others will only help him towards a great future.  

“His natural leadership skills may sometimes get him in trouble because he knows right from wrong, but he will be a leader and also be the biggest supporter for others giving their all,” Coach Been said. “He is a great ambassador of Springlake-Earth.” 

Trace is excited to see what his futire holds for him and has one piece of advice for other seniors and underclassmen. 

“Do everything one hundred and ten percent, never give up, and don’t let anyone hold you down,” Trace said.