Wolverines Crush Silverton to Earn the Area Champ Title


Wolverines and trophy after winning

Taytum Goodman, Writer

The Wolverines traveled to play the Silverton Owls in Canyon Randall on Friday night. The game took a slow start from both sides, but the Wolverines jumped on them quick, winning with a score of 61-38. This win allowed for their 3rd gold ball of the season. 

“It was a really good game, we came out on top, that is all that matters,” member of the student section sophomore Slade Beerwinkle said. 

Starting sophomore Jonathan (JJ) Jarmillo talks about what the teams strengths were and also shared some of his personal strengths from the game. 

“Defensive was the biggest factor of the game for us,” Jarmillo mentioned. “For me I did good. I had a few layups and threes that helped us extend the lead.”

The Wolverines had a big student section cheering them on throughout the game. 

“I think the student section has a big part of the Wolverines success in the games, so that always makes me want to make the section better each game,” sophomore Xayver Mosqueda said. “The theme for the game was wear a jersey, next week’s theme is gone fishing and we play Texline, so if you want to be in the student section you better be ready to yell.”

Beerwinkle has noticed something after watching the Wolverines play so many games. They proved Beerwinkle right after beating the Owls in the Area Round.

“We don’t come to mess around,” Beerwinkle said. “We come to take care of business.”

Going into Texline, the Wolverines are working really hard, and know what they have to do. 

“We have to show up, and play good defense and get good shots,” Jarmillo said. 

Before the Wolverines play Texline, Principal Cindy Furr wants the boys to out-do the Tornadoes. 

“All I can say is I hope they don’t let the hype of Texline get into their heads,” Furr said. 

The Wolverines took on Texline last night, for the last basketball game of the year.