Springlake-Earth FFA at San Antonio


Fields Fotos

The Goe Family and the San Antonio backdrop

Taytum Goodman and Sayler Beerwinkle

Over the last few week exhibitors have traveled back and forth to the San Antonio Livestock Exposition to show in their respective events. Goats, lambs, heifers and barrows were shown at the SALE. Sophomore Slade Beerwinkle competed in the calf scramble, and Clayton and Jenna Stevenson were present in the commercial steer contest. Also, ag teacher Alan Been, took three horse judgers to gain some extra practice before local judging contests begin.

Taytum and her 10th place doe

Sophomore Taytum Goodman was the only exhibitor to present a Doe. She placed 10th in her respective class.

“It was my first time to show a goat at a Texas major, so it was a good experience,” Goodman said. “I have been working hard to get to this point, and I am just getting started.”

Lamb exhibitors were freshman Braileigh Goe and 8th grader Reiner Goe. Braileigh placed 5th and Reiner took 3rd. Both of these places guaranteed them a sale hole.

“The lamb I showed was not even mine, it was Reiner’s and I never even touched it until two weeks before Fort Worth,” Goe said. “Then everybody decided that I was going to show that lamb at San Antonio. We were not expecting it to do very good but it got 5th.”

The next Friday seven pigs and five heifers were headed down the road to San Antone, hoping for a successful result. The Beerwinkles, senior Katy Jones, senior Trace and sophomore Taytum Goodman, junior Halee Toscano, seventh graders Ennah and Ethan Mosqueda, freshmen Kinze Henson and fifth grader Bryleigh Hall were at the fairgrounds preparing to show.

Bryleigh Hall prior to the show

“I did not ride with my siblings and heifer because we had our playoff basketball game that night in Canyon, so I left straight after the game and headed to San Antonio,” senior Sayler Beerwinkle mentioned. “The Herefords showed first that morning, so I had to go straight to the barn after I took a shower at the hotel, at 3:30, and help my siblings get the heifers ready.”

Slade competed in the calf scramble on that same Friday night. He was the third contestant to catch a calf and drag it to the middle. He earned $1,400 to use for future projects.

“Slade has been talking about the calf scramble for awhile now,” Beerwinkle said. “I was sad I missed it, but luckily they streamed the rodeo on TV, and I was able to watch it when we got home.”

The following day Kinze, Bryleigh, Taytum, and Ennah showed their pigs while the Beerwinkles and

Slade and his calf scramble awards

Jones showed their heifers. 

“Saige showed in one of the first classes and got third, and Sloane also got third. Then it was my turn to show, and I was nervous but at the same time excited because I knew it was my last time,” Beerwinkle said. “My heifer did good at Fort Worth so I had high hopes for her to do good here too, and she did. I got first in my class and then won my division, and I was super excited because I knew I had a shot at grand champion.”

Miley and Sayler do it again

Beerwinkle was selected as Reserve Champion Hereford Heifer. She earned two ribbons, a banner, and a belt buckle. They also presented each champion and reserve champion with a quick presentation before the overall champion drive. 

“In the grand champion line up she picked me as reserve,” Beerwinkle mentioned. “I was excited and proud because that was my last time to ever show a heifer and I ended on a good note.”

After Sayler placed first in her class, younger brother Slade matched her placing by winning his class as well. Katy then showed and placed second with her Limousin heifer. 

“San Antonio has always been an enjoyable show, in my opinion,” Jones said. “My heifer looked good and showed well. I was thankful to have placed second in my last class ever at San Antonio.”

The next show day, Monday, Trace, Ethan, Jessica, and Halee showed their pigs. 

“I have showed at San Antonio since I could, and it has really been fun,” Trace stated. 

Jenna Stevenson earned the Oustanding Rookie award, in the commercial steer contest.

“I am very proud of Jenna,” senior Clayton Stevenson said. “She really did deserve the award that she received.”

Katy and her 2nd place heifer

With a quick turnaround, the second wave of pigs came in on Tuesday and Dylan, Bryan, and Grace showed Wednesday and Thursday. Overall Springlake-Earth FFA had success in every species and breed that competed.

“There was some success and a lot of experience gained,” Beerwinkle stated. “Now it is time to get ready for Houston, the last major show for us.”

Mr. Been also agrees with Beerwinkle.

“Busy two weeks in San Antonio,” Been mentioned. “Up next, Houston Livestock Show and judging.”