Putting on a Show in Cowtown


Sarah Weldon

Beerwinkle Kids and their awards

Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

Two families tore up the rodeo ring at the Fort Worth Stock Show this past weekend . Sayler, Slade, Saige, and Sloane Beerwinkle as well as Katy Jones all competed in the Fort Worth Heifer Show. Sayler received Grand Champion Hereford Heifer and Champion Showman; Slade won 3rd Place Hereford Heifer; Sloane was Reserve Division while her twin sister Saige received 2nd Place Hereford Heifer. To add to their great accomplishments, Katy Jones won her division. 

The Beerwinkle family was greatly appreciative and excited, especially considering how much time it takes to prepare for a show such as this one.  

“We work hard at it which allows us to do as good as we do. For this one, we were working with the heifers everyday,” parent Si Beerwinkle said. “The kids would come to the pens right after school, and we would work till it was dark, no matter how cold it would get.” 

When going into these kinds of shows, there’s always the unknown and one never knows quite what to expect. 

“Each judge has a different opinion so it’s kind of just hope for the best,” Si Beerwinkle said.  

Not only this, but the competition keeps growing in the Hereford show business.  

“The competition is always tough. The Hereford Association is always growing and more and more people are starting to show Herefords each year,” Sayler said. “It was a tough show, but that’s what I’m used to after showing Hereford cattle since 3rd grade.” 

For Sayler, this would be her last year getting to show which made the day even more special walking out with a win.  

Sayler and Miley, her Champion Hereford Heifer

“I knew it was going to be my last time, but I always knew my heifer was pretty good and that I had a chance of winning,” Sayler said. “I also had the best support team. There were about 6 or more people making sure my heifer looked her best before I went into the ring, and that makes a huge difference.” 

Her support team and the chance to spend her last time showing with the people she loved most was what made the day even better.  

“It was bittersweet because it was my last Fort Worth and the twins first, but I’m so glad we got to experience one together at least,” Sayler said. 

With such a special moment shared and coming out with wins, Si could not have been more proud of all his children.  

“I was super proud of all of my kids. Saige did good with her little heifer. Then Sloane did just as good. I was proud of her because she hasn’t done that good with this heifer in a while,” Si said. “I was super proud of Sayler. It was much more special since it was her senior year. Slade has been working very hard too. He always gets out there and competes well. It was also really neat that both Sayler and Slade were recognized for their showmanship.” 

Sayler was also super proud of her siblings and couldn’t be more thankful for her little brother Slade. 

“They work so hard especially Slade. Since I’m involved in basketball, he helps me out so much. He loves what he does, and he’s so good at it. He deserved to win more than I did,” Sayler said. “After I won the show, I saw my brother crying and it made me start crying, so that’s just an example of how much he cares about me and showing livestock too.” 

With the Beerwinkles walking out together as winners, senior Katy Jones stepped into the ring and added onto the weekend with a successful show as well. She was very pleased with her performance.  

Division Champion

“I was very glad on how I did. My heifer was giving me a little trouble while showing her, but the end results made it worth it,” Jones said.  

Both families are taking what they gained from Fort Worth and preparing for the next show. 

“As we go into the stock show, I’m just going to keep washing and working with my heifer almost every day,” Katy said. 

Sayler agrees and going into other shows, she’s thankful for the success she’s already had. 

“No matter what happens at any other show, I can say I’ve had a pretty good run so far!” Sayler said.