Horns Go Down


Taytum Goodman, Writer

The varsity basketball teams traveled to Lazbuddie and brought home two more district wins. The Lady Wolverines out scored the Lady Horns 72-18. Also, the Wolverines won a big game, with a score of 78-20. 

Leading scorers for the Lady Wolverines were senior Sayler Beerwinkle, junior Halee Toscano, and sophomores Taytum Goodman and Emma Samaron. Beerwinkle had 21, Toscano put up 17 points, Taytum and Emma both added 12 to the win.

“I was ready to play Lazbuddie, I wasn’t overlooking them or anything, but I knew that my team and our strengths would out power Lazbuddie, and we definitely did,” senior Sayler Beerwinkle said. 

The Lady Wolverines played together and made great things happen. Especially in the first and second quarter.

“There was a lot of movement in the first half.  We were cutting, moving, and finding open holes.  That’s what we’ll have to do against good teams in the playoffs,” Beerwinkle said. 

The press offense is one aspect that stood out to Coach Weldon.

“We ran the press offense really well,” Weldon said. “That got us a few steals and quite a few points, too.”

Through all the good there was some bad, but nothing the team can’t work on for next time. 

There’s always things to improve on, of course.  We have to get better at talking on defense and knowing where our girl is on the court,” Beerwinkle said. “But that’s an easy fix we can work on in practice and in the rest of district to prepare for the first round.” 

The boys also felt good going in to Lazbuddie. 

“I felt confident going into the game,” senior Kaden Castillo said. “We been playing good ball lately and we are hitting our stride.” 

There was great things seen in the boys game to. 

“I saw great ball movement from everyone, mostly everyone had double digits points across the board,” Castillo said. 

Although they played a great game and come out on top, there are a few things that they are working to get better on. 

“I feel like we can improve on the defensive end for all four quarters,” Castillo said. “Because sometimes we let up.”

The Lady Wolverines and Wolverines will travel to Hart to take on the Longhorns and Lady Horns tonight. 

“Hart can’t out work us.  We have to prepare for them to randomly throw the ball up.  They hit a few threes on us when we played them last, but we aren’t going to let that happen again,” Beerwinkle said. “Hart is a tough place to play at it seems like, but were working in practice and we’ll come back with another win.”