Welcome To The 300 Club!


Coach’s 300th win!

Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

The Lady Wolverines have set out to dominate their competition this season in hopes of taking home the district title and more, but one win has proven to be more special than the rest.  

Last Friday, they traveled to Cotton Center to take on the Lady Elks. Not only did the Lady Wolverines claim victory and earn their 16th win of the season, they made history for their long-time coach, Jeri Been Goodman. The win marked Coach Been’s 300th win of her coaching career, making her the first female to enter the 300 Club.  

“It makes me feel old, but it feels good,” Coach Been said. “It’s an honor. I’ve been blessed with extremely good athletes.” 

To celebrate her great accomplishment, the players and assistant coach Sarah Weldon worked together to plan a surprise for Coach Been at the game.  

“When I found out that it was going to be her 300th win, I knew it had to be recognized, and I had to do something special,” Taytum Goodman said. 

That’s when Taytum decided to call Coach Weldon, who was more than happy to surprise her fellow friend and colleague. 

“Taytum called me at the first of last week and told me she wanted to do something,” Coach Weldon said. “She’s surprised me a couple times too, so it was my turn!” 

After making sure Cotton Center was okay with the celebration, she made a call to Pete Christy to make sure the memorable moment was caught on camera. 

“I messaged Pete Christy at sports news channel 11, and that’s how the TV camera was there,” Coach Weldon said. “Pete is a big supporter of Springlake-Earth, and he was thrilled to get coverage of her 300th win.” 

A poster made by Coach Weldon was also carried out and handed to the girls after the win by Trace Goodman, who was also in on the surprise.  

“Me being a young age and seeing her get her 200th win and me being a senior now watching her get her 300th win I think is pretty darn cool,” Trace Goodman said.  

It’s a huge accomplishment to reach that many wins in a career, so she deserves the recognition.”

— Sarah Weldon, assistant girls' coach

Everyone involved wanted to make the night very special for Coach Been and congratulate her on her huge accomplishment.  

“Taytum, Trace, Jamie, and I wanted it to be a big deal,” Coach Weldon said. “It’s a huge accomplishment to reach that many wins in a career, so she deserves the recognition.” 

For players such as senior Sayler Beerwinkle, it was a special moment as they got to recognize the one who has coached them all of these years.  

“Coach Been has been my coach since forever it feels like. She’s coached me all throughout high school,” Beerwinkle said. “I’ve been apart of maybe 80 of those wins. So I’m glad I was able to help her achieve her 300th coaching win.” 

Before coming to Springlake-Earth and earning most of her wins here, Coach Been spent three years coaching at Hale Center. The parents of her former point guard that played during her time there attended the game to see Coach Been receive her 300th win, making the night even more special than it already was.  

“Her parents came to watch Taytum and Trace play. They didn’t know about it, but they were in the stands,” Coach Been said. “That was pretty cool because their daughter was my point guard for three years at Hale Center which was the start of the 300.” 

However, getting to share the court with the Lady Wolverines was what really made the night one to remember. 

“It was special to share it with my daughter and Sarah’s daughter and all of the other girls that I’ve been coaching since I’ve been back,” Coach Been said. “To do it at home where I’m from made it even more special.”