Senior Spotlight: Jacksiry Figueroa


Future WT Buff and CNA Jacksiry Figueroa

Taytum Goodman and Kimberly Cruz

“My favorite thing about high school is how loving everyone is,” senior Jacksiry Figueroa said. 

Jacksiry, also known as Jack, is the 18-year-old daughter of Nora Rodriguez and Manuel Sotelo. She is the oldest of four siblings, Jaritza, Israel and Isaac. Jacksiry is the first generation to graduate from high school and attend college. Lastly, she plans to attend college at West Texas A&M University in the fall.

“I’m super excited for new beginnings,” Jack said. “I plan on attending WT and majoring in nursing.” 

 Jacksiry plans on living on campus and possibly looking for a part time CNA job in Cayon or looking into getting a job with WT’s student program. 

“I’ve always had a deep passion for helping people out,” Jacksiry said. “It makes me feel good”. 

Jack’s passion for helping people is one of the reasons she’s currently enrolled in the CNA class.  

“My favorite memory from high school so far is clinicals because I get to learn and have fun at the same time,” Jack said. 

She also participates in a few extracurricular activities at school 

“I am in CNA, yearbook, and UIL,” Jack said. 

Jack has always known that no matter what, she would have her friends by her side.

“Kimberly, Alyssa, Timber, and Jenna are always there when I need them most,” Jack said. 

Not only are her friends there when she needs them, but she is also there for them for the same reason. 

“She has helped me through so much, especially when I was at my lowest,” senior and friend Timber Burleson said. “Jack was always there for me and helped me through it.”

I’m going to miss our talks, laughs, fun times and getting to see her almost every day.”

— Timber Burleson, senior and friend of Jacksiry

During her senior year, counselor Mrs. Carter has grown to be her favorite teacher. 

“In my class she brings a type of humor, it’s just uplifting,” Mrs. Carter said. 

Outside of school Jacksiry has many hobbies. 

“I like working and hanging out with my family and friends on the weekends,” Jack said. 

Her friends have fond memories of times with Jacksiry.

“Shes crazy, wild, and caring.  One of my favorite memories of Jack during high school is making dumb videos with her in the hallway,” Timber said. “I’m going to miss our talks, laughs, fun times and getting to see her almost every day.”

A specific teacher has left a mark on Jacksiry and her high school education experience.

“Coach Royal has really impacted me,” Jack said. “He’s the only one that believed in me and never gave up.”