Teacher Spotlight: Kathy Been

Teacher Kathy Been


Teacher Kathy Been

Taytum Goodman, Writer

“Mrs. Been is a good teacher,” junior Juan (Nito) Lopez said. 

Kathy Been is one of the Special Education teachers at S-E ISD. Kathy is married to Alan Been who is the Agriculture teacher. They have two sons, Quentin and Justin Been. Kathy is also the grandmother of four grandkids. Quentin is married to Deidra and they have Brazos and Sterling. Justin is married to Heather, they are employed by Spur ISD and have two kids, Presley and Ridge. 

After high school Mrs. Been attended Texas Tech University. 

“I majored in Agriculture Education,” Mrs. Been said. 

Kathy met her husband Alan while they were both attending college at TTU. 

“I met Alan in graduate school at Texas Tech when we were both working on getting our masters degree,” Mrs. Been said. “We both worked in the ag education department as graduate assistants.” 

After college, Kathy and Alan moved to Morton to start their career. 

“My first year I taught everything biology, IP&C, math…… I taught everything!” Mrs. Been said. “A couple of those classes were Special Ed, but the others were regular classes.”

After teaching at Morton, the family moved to Earth and have been here ever since. 

“I teach high school special ed here at Springlake-Earth,” Mrs. Been said. 

Over the past years, Mrs. Been has had the opportunity to teach several students and some of them spoke on how great of a teacher she is. 

My favorite thing about teaching is watching and enjoying the kids learn!”

— Kathy Been, special education teacher

“She gives us homework, lets us feed the turtles, and she is a pretty good teacher,” senior Simon Ibarra said. 

Another student Mrs. Been has in class spoke on why he enjoys having Mrs. Been as a teacher.

“We learn a lot in her class like the organ system, plants, and animals,” junior Juan (Nito) Lopez said. 

Every teacher has something they love about the job. 

“My favorite thing about teaching is watching and enjoying the kids learn,” Mrs. Been said. 

She also has a few hobbies outside of teaching.  

“When I am not in school, I like to do crafts, genealogy, watch Yellowstone, sow, and go see my grandkids,” Mrs. Been said. 

Ibarra gives thanks to Mrs. Been for helping him be successful throughout his high school career.

“I am going to miss Mrs. Been’s personality,” Ibarra said. “I also want to thank her for helping me get to be a senior.”