Senior Spotlight: Joshua Samaron


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Senior Joshua Samaron and some of his awards

Jenna Bridges, Writer

“Being number one does not matter if there aren’t any other numbers,” senior Joshua Samaron said.

Joshua Samaron, also know as Josh, is the son of Jennifer and Mark Samaron. He wants to continue doing what he loves most which is to run cross country. Josh has participated in many school activities throughout his high school career including cross country, football, basketball, and band. After graduation Josh plans to attend Clarendon College in Clarendon, Texas. 

Some of Josh’s favorite things to do outside of school are simple, yet they mean the most to him. 

“Some of my hobbies are playing sports with my friends and family, whether it’s kickball or volleyball or just playing games,” Josh said. 

He also has a subject that comes to mind when he is asked what his favorite subject is.

 “My favorite subject would probably be history, because there’s so much to learn about our world,” Josh said. “How the country came to be.” 

If he had to choose something else, then it would most definitely be band. Josh has been a band member since middle school, and has a growing passion ever since. 

“Otherwise, it is band, mainly for my love towards music, being able to go on many trips, and become friends with many people,” Josh said. 

Josh also loves cross country. He has gone to state all of his four years of high school.  

“The people I get to meet and compete against, sooner or later, I would end up being good friends with,” Josh said. “I’ve been competing in cross country ever since eighth grade.” 

Josh never thought in a million years that long distance running would be his thing. 

“I was put into long distance track in 7th grade,” Josh said. “It showed me a talent I thought I would never have.” 

Josh wants to attend college where he can keep doing what he loves the most. 

“My plans after graduation are to attend Clarendon to continue my running career and continue to play my band instrument for the school,” Josh said. 

Gwen Parish, high school math teacher, has impacted Josh. Mrs. Parish has taught Josh in all his math classes except geometry. 

“He works really hard at everything he attempts,” Mrs. Parish said. “He does not slack ever.”