Teacher Spotlight Sarah Weldon

Teacher Sarah Weldon


Teacher Sarah Weldon

Kimberly Cruz, Writer

“I love to watch the kids get better at something,” coach and teacher Sarah Weldon said. “I love to show them a different way to do something or a better way or easier way.” 

Sarah Weldon was born and raised in Earth, and she graduated high school in 1998. She then went to West Texas A&M University where she obtained her Bachelors Degree. She started teaching kindergarten in Amherst, before starting to teach at S-E. She started in Special Education, then moved to 8th grade and geometry. Along with teaching, she is the assistant girls coach. This year, she also is one of the yearbook sponsors. Sarah enjoys spending time with her family and supporting her kids in all of their activities. In the summer she enjoys going outside to ride bikes and play basketball with her family. Some of her other hobbies include shopping, and she also enjoys reading. 

She started teaching in Amherst elementary.

“My first job was at Amherst, awhile back,” Mrs. Weldon said. “Those kindergarteners are like in their 20’s now.”

Her first teaching job at S-E was special education in the Technology building.

“I taught Special Ed at first,” Weldon said. “This is my first year not teaching it, because the past few years I taught math models which was a special education math course.”

She is fond of educating the youth and getting to know each student.

“I like what I do, because I love getting to be around kids,” Weldon said. “Of course, not all the days are perfect, but I wouldn’t trade anything.”

She was not originally planning to be a coach, but God had a few different plans.

“Coaching didn’t come right away,” Weldon said. “Basketball is my favorite sport to coach;

Weldon and her two oldest kids

I mean I’ll be honest I don’t love cross country and I don’t love track.” 

Coach Weldon is the assistant HS girls coach, and the head JH girls basketball coach.

“Basketball is my favorite, I love coaching it,” Weldon said. “I especially have enjoyed coaching Sayler throughout the years, and I hope I can do the same with Sloane and Saige as they grow up.”

Sarah started coaching when her oldest daughter, Sayler, was able to play little dribblers. She also coached summer league and then later decided to help at S-E because they did not have an assistant coach.

“I mean it’s a job that really works well with having your own kids,” Weldon said. “You’re off on most of the same days they are, and you get the whole summer off.” 

It is her first year to be apart of Yearbook.

“When I found out Mrs. West was retiring, I thought maybe I could take her place,” Mrs. Weldon said. “I talked to Mrs. Furr and she said I could do it with Mrs. Daugherty. I really enjoy it, I like the designing and organizing part of making the yearbook come together.”

One of Sarah’s favorite things to do is go watch her children’s stock shows and travel all over the state of Texas. Her favorite shows to go to are Fort Worth and Houston.

Saige, Sarah and Sloane

“I love watching my kids do what they love,” Weldon said. “They work super hard and that makes being successful so much more memorable.”

Junior Jenna Bridges had Coach Weldon in geometry and has her as a coach right now.

“She’s a really good teacher and seems to understand us more,” Bridges said. “I really enjoyed having her as a teacher.”

She does her job for the sake of the students education.

“Everybody always says it’s the kids,” Weldon said. “I love the kids, and that’s true I do.”