Senior Spotlight: Kimberly Cruz


Sayler Beerwinkle, Editor

“After high school, I look forward to starting my career and pushing myself to be as successful as I can be,” senior Kimberly Cruz said.  

Kimberly Cruz, also known as Kim, is the daughter of Rosie Longoria and Joe Cruz. She also has two siblings, previous S-E graduate, Joe Matthew and current sophomore Emily. Throughout high school, she was involved in cross country, track, CNA, yearbook, and journalism. Kimberly enjoys hanging out with friends and family. After graduation, she plans to join the army, where she wants to pursue nursing.  

Kimberly is a social butterfly and enjoyed having coach and teacher Jeri Been Goodman as a teacher. 

“My favorite part of high school is probably be getting to socialize with everyone,” Kimberly said. “Coach Been is super chill with teaching and she is a fun person to talk to.” 

Her closest friends are seniors Jacksiry Figueroa and Timber Burleson and junior Jenna Bridges. She also has a friend from Littlefield that has impacted her, his name is Sebastian. 

“Jack, Timber, and Jenna have taught me how to have patience and what loyal friends are,” Kimberly said. “Sebastian has taught me that there is an entire world outside of our small town of Earth.” 

She has a few memories that she will forever keep in mind. 

“My favorite memory in high school was when I was in my CNA class and we were learning how to use restraints,” Kimberly said. “We tied Timber to the bed and she was going crazy trying to get out.” 

She believes that her class has had a tight bond throughout their time in school. 

“I’ll probably miss my classmates the most after high school, for the most part I think we pretty much all started off together,” Kimberly said. “If you think about it, we all have pretty much spent most of our lives growing up together.” 

Senior Kimberly Cruz (Cruz Family)

Her family has been the main impact on wanting to join the army. Her mom was in the navy and her dad was a marine. Her stepmom was also in the army and she has many other relatives who have served or are currently serving. 

“I’ve grown up in a family of many military members, so I want the experience of getting to serve our country, Kimberly said. “I also want to pursue nursing while in the military because I’ve always enjoyed helping others.”

Her mom has impacted her the most. While growing up, her father was not really in the picture. 

“She didn’t have the easiest time growing up, but made the best of it,” Kimberly said. “She showed me that being an independent woman was a good thing and you never have to depend on anyone for anything as long as you have faith in yourself you can accomplish anything you want in life.”