We Are The Champions


Way Out West Classic Tourney Champs

Kimberly Cruz and Sayler Beerwinkle

The Lady Wolverines competed at the Way Out West Classic in Whiteface. They went 3-0 after facing Petersburg, Plains, and Hale Center. The team was announced as the champions and had the MVP, as well as a player on the All-Tournament Team. Tonight the Lady Wolverines will travel to Olton to take on the Fillies, then head to Whitharral later this week, with hopes of winning another tournament.  

“The Lady Wolverines had a very productive weekend at the tournament in Whiteface,” assistant coach Sarah Weldon said. “I was super excited that the girls got to be in the championship game.”

The first game was against the Lady Buffs, and the Lady Wolverines came out on top, 66-45. Each player was successful.

“This was a good tournament for us,” head coach Jeri Been Goodman said. “We had an easy time with Petersburg all 5 starters were in double figures and everyone scored.”

Sophomore Emma Samaron blocking out #21 from Hale Center (806 Panhandle Sports)

Everyone scored in the contest against Petersburg. Senior Sayler Beerwinkle had 15, junior Halee Toscano had 11 points, and the three starting sophomores also contributed. Taytum Goodman and Sydney Furr both had 10, while Emma Samaron added in 12 points. Also, sophomore Jasmine Garcia had six total points and freshman Rylie Furr dumped in a bucket to add to the win.  

“Our first game against Petersburg was a good way to start off the tournament, and it meant we got a chance at Plains again,” Sayler said. “We won by quite a bit and everyone scored, which is something that doesn’t happen all the time.” 

After losing by 17 points to the Cowgirls before Thanksgiving break, the Lady Wolverines got their redemption. They beat them in double overtime, 55-54, which led them to the championship game. 

“I was really glad that we won the tournament, we needed that,” T. Goodman said. “We knew we had to beat Petersburg to play Plains again, so that was a goal, and we did it.” 

Against the Plains Cowgirls, Sayler had 16 points and eight rebounds, Taytum added 11 points, five rebounds and six assists. Halee and Sydney also pitched in with 10 points. After a few missed free throws, Sayler sunk 1 out of 2 and the time ran out before Plains could score. 

Sophomore Sydney Furr inbounding the ball for the Lady Wolverines (806 Panhandle Sports)

“We most definitely earned a chance for that trophy after beating Plains in overtime, a team we recently lost to by 17,” Coach Weldon said. “The girls proved themselves in this tournament and if they continue to play hard, hustle and be smart on defense, then there’s no telling how far we can go this year.”  

In the Championship game, they played against the Hale Center Lady Owls. Hale Center put up a fight, but it wasn’t good enough to stop the Lady Wolverines from winning the tournament, 50-46.  

“Hale Center was a team full of shorter girls, so I knew I had to step up and score since I was the biggest girl out there,” Sayler said. “It was fun to win the tournament, I think we deserved it and it was a big confidence booster, so I hope we can carry that into the rest of our season. Personally, I really needed this tournament, cause my past games have not been near as good as I know I can play.” 

In the game against the Lady Owls, Halee and Emma both added five points each to the score, and Sydney put four more points on the board, plus five rebounds. Taytum had 12 points, including two back-to-back three-pointers right as the second half started, that tied the game for a minute. Lastly, Sayler totaled 23 points and seven rebounds.  

“My first quarter was a little rough but after I got out of that phase I was able to do my thing,” Sayler said. “If it wasn’t for my teammates hitting me with the ball, I wouldn’t have been able to score against Hale Center like I did. We worked as a team and that’s how we earned that championship trophy.” 

Coach Been previously coached the Hale Center Lady Owls.

“To be in the Championship game was just awesome,” Coach Been said. “I always hate playing teams where I’ve coached before, especially when we overheard one of the Hale Center girls say ‘Coach Been coached my mom’.”

Junior Halee Toscano looking for her teammates (806 Panhandle Sports)

To add to the big win, Sayler and Taytum both earned another award at the Whiteface Tournament. 

“I was really glad I got All-Tournament Team,” Taytum said. “It was an honor.” 

To Sayler, earning the MVP award is special to her and her basketball career. 

“When Coach Been handed me the plaque, I thought it was the one that said ‘Champions’ on it, but it said ‘Girls MVP’ so I was a little shocked, but I knew I played fairly good in the tournament, so it was less shocking after I thought it through,” Sayler said. “I was honored though, they wanted me to be the MVP of the tournament, and that is pretty special to me.”

Coach Weldon saw improvements on both Sayler and Taytum’s game, which allowed them the opportunity to receive those awards. 

“Figuring out new post moves and improving a lot on defense got Sayler the Way Out West MVP award,” Coach Weldon said. “To make the weekend more fun, her teammate and BFF, Taytum, took home a medal for All-Tournament team.” 

Coach Been pushed the girls throughout the entire weekend.

“I rode all the girls pretty hard in the tournament,” Coach Been said. “I haven’t thought we have played up to our potential.”

Senior Sayler Beerwinkle, MVP. Sophomore Taytum Goodman, All-Tournament Team (Trace Goodman)

She thought her words helped the Lady Wolverines win this tournament.

“It worked a Championship and Sayler stepping up and playing like I knew she should be and being the MVP of the whole tournament,” Coach Been said. “Taytum made All-Tournament, also.”

The team worked well over the three days of the tournament, and their effort was rewarded at the end. 

“Sayler would not score as many points as she does if she didn’t have teammates looking to get her the ball,” Coach Weldon said. “Taytum, also known as speedy, is always running the court and looking for an assist.” 

They plan to keep the intensity high throughout the rest of the season, especially as they make the short drive to Olton to take on the Fillies, tonight.

“These awards are a team effort,” Coach Been said. “We got in foul trouble in all three games and had people stepping up in roles they hadn’t been in before. It was a total team effort.”