Teacher Spotlight: Jessica McIver

2nd Grade Teacher Jessica McIver

2nd Grade Teacher Jessica McIver

Sam Alderson, Writer

Jessica McIver is the mother of Emily, Grace, and Moses McIver. She is also the second-grade teacher at Springlake-Earth Elementary. S-E Elementary isn’t the first time she has worked with children though. 

“I worked at a shelter for abused Children,” McIver said “I mostly just took care of them and stuff.” 

Her husband Bub McIver also worked at this shelter; in fact, it’s where they met. 

“Bub was their home-bound teacher because some of them didn’t go to school,” explained McIver “When we worked together, he got my number and called me to ask me on a date. After the first date, I called my mom and told her he was the one.” 

She didn’t just work at the shelter, she also managed to go to college at the same time. 

“I went to WTAMU and graduated with my bachelors in 1996,” McIver said “After that, I graduated with my masters in 2000.” 

Besides her work in the shelter, she has also worked with kids of many ages at a few schools. 

“We have lived in Dumas, Ingram, Perryton, then Olton,” McIver recalled. 

Mrs. McIver has many hobbies that go with her plans for after teaching. 

“My main hobby is planning for retirement and how we can live out of our van.” said McIver “We love to prepare to live #vanlife, but I also love to sew.” 

Though she loves to prepare for retirement, she does not plan to go anywhere soon. 

“I love the kids so much,” said McIver. “The biggest reason I became a teacher is because I love trying to make a difference for kids and help them learn.” 

It turns out Mrs. McIver is amazing at doing what she loves. Levi Mahler is one of many kids that is in her class. 

“She’s one of my favorite teachers, and I love her class,” Mahler said. “My favorite part is getting to use the Chromebooks.” 

Efrain Roman is another student in Mrs. McIver’s second-grade class. 

“She is a really good teacher,” Roman said. “My favorite part of her class is reading and math.” 

McIver also has a saying that all teachers should take to heart. 

“Kids don’t care how much you know until they know you care,” McIver said.