Veteran’s Day: Honoring Those Who Risk Their Lives for All


Mimi Medina

A few Veterans that came to the NHS Presentation

Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

Each and every day the colors red, white, and blue flies freely in the sky raised on flagpoles throughout America. The flag flies with dignity, pride, respect, and honor. Every single individual who has stepped onto the battlefield and put their lives on the line for the sake of this country is represented by the flag. The flag represents freedom which has been gifted to us by God and the ones who have risked everything to protect it. 

Every year on November 11, Americans honor those who have served our country and fought for our freedoms. These people have made the ultimate sacrifice, their own life, in order to protect each and every American and ensure they wake up every morning with the same privileges and freedoms they had the day before. These people deserve our utmost respect and honor.

Veteran’s Day is a very important day. It is a way to honor those who served our country,” senior and NHS secretary Sayler Beerwinkle said. “We should always think about those who sacrificed their lives for us.”

Veterans are those who have served our country and had the opportunity to come back home to their families and friends. Too many aren’t as fortunate, and God is blessed with another angel every day.

The fact that they put their lives on the line for strangers, for fellow Americans, just proves how much respect we should hold in our hearts for each and every one of them.”

— Lexi Anchondo, 8th grade student

“Veterans have made the ultimate sacrifice for all Americans, even for those that they don’t necessarily know,” 8th grader Alexis Anchondo said. The fact that they put their lives on the line for strangers, for fellow Americans, just proves how much respect we should hold in our hearts for each and every one of them.” 

Soldiers face war and unfathomable events that can only be understood by those who have also served. They sign their name on the dotted line knowing that they may not have the chance to come home alive, but they bravely sign their names anyways in order to protect the freedoms established in the Constitution.

You know they go in, and they don’t expect to come out,” junior and NHS member Alex Alvarez said. “They go into the military with no guarantee of coming home.” 

 Soldiers of the United States of America fight for the very things our country was founded on, and they do it so no one else has to. Citizens get to stay in the comfort of their own home and be surrounded by their family and friends while others are bravely risking their lives to ensure that people are able to do that. That alone deserves each and every American’s respect and recognition.

They should be recognized every day just by saying thank you,” Alvarez said. “This is the one day they get to be recognized, and to go to the military and sacrifice their own life, all they could ever ask for is just someone to recognize them.”

NHS Members (Mimi Medina)

National Honor Society has made it their mission this year to recognize and honor those that have served our country and protected the American people. On November 10, NHS members will be educating all students on what Veteran’s day is and why it is so important that people honor veterans on this day.  

“I just think that it’s really cool that we do this for them because our community members and our family members are all out on that wall,” senior and NHS vice-president Trace Goodman said. “It’s just really cool that we get to honor them the way we do in the free country that we live in.”

To people throughout the country, Veteran’s Day means so much to them and hits home for a lot of individuals who have family and close friends in the military, including freshman Nehemiah Castillo.

“I’ve had family that has been in the military and are still in the military,” Castillo said. “I know how big of a deal that is, and how important they are.” 

For every American, Veteran’s Day should be an important day in which they truly honor and recognize every single individual who has taken that oath to protect and defend our freedoms and our country. This quote found on the internet sums it all up.

America without her soldiers would be like God without his angels,” Claudia Pemberton said.