The Wolverine Band Competes At State!


The Alamo Dome

Annabelle Anchondo, Writer

Since this summer, the Springlake-Earth marching band has been practicing numerous hours to perfect their marching presentation. All band members have put in hard work and dedication over the past few months, and it finally paid off! 

The Wolverine Band traveled to Lubbock on October 16th to attend the UIL Regional Marching Contest where they performed their 9/11 Tribute marching show. Their performance received a Division 1, qualifying them for  the UIL State Marching Band Contest, and earning them an opportunity to travel to San Antonio where they would compete on the state level. 

“We were working really hard. When school came around, we had practices every Monday, Tuesdays, and sometimes Wednesday,” junior drum major Katie Clayton said. “We would have practice 6:45 to 8:45, and some kids were coming from football practice, cheer practice, or athletics. Everyone was putting their all into it.” 

Each member of the band had committed themselves to working hard and putting in the extra time necessary, and by receiving the chance to perform at the Alamo Dome on the state level, their hard work and true dedication had finally been recognized.  

I’m glad they made it to state. I’m glad that their road didn’t end at Lubbock,” band booster and parent Melissa Alvarez said. “I’m proud of every single one of my band kids.” 

The entire Wolverine nation was so proud of the band, especially head drum major Alex Alvarez who was thrilled and beyond excited to be going to state this year. 

“Hearing them say our name was the best feeling,” junior head drum major Alex Alvarez said. “This young band was going to get their first state experience, and I was happy to be their leader.” 

Band send-off (Jacksiry Figueroa)

Students, teachers, and staff members gathered outside of the band hall to cheer on the band and wish them luck as they loaded the buses to depart. On the way to San Antonio, a variety of emotions flooded the buses. 

To be honest, I was nervous on the way to San Antonio, even though I felt the band was very well prepared,” band director Daniel Barber said. 

As the night continued and Tuesday morning came along, the nervousness only grew and the reality of the situation began to settle in, especially moments before the Wolverines marched out onto the field. 

It’s crazy because you’re watching this other band perform right in front of you, and you realizing that this is what you’re about to do,” Alex Alvarez said. 

Despite any nervousness the band members were feeling, no one could tell by the remarkable and breathtaking performance displayed on the field. 

Watching, I was super proud! To say it was “surreal” would be an understatement!” Barber said. “I thought their performance was very strong…it was certainly their best performance of the year!” 

Out of all the times the band has performed, their state performance was the best one yet. One part of the performance that left many spectators speechless was sophomore Bella Gonzales’s beautiful solo. 

After we walked off the field, I was feeling very excited because everyone was telling me that I did awesome,” Gonzales said. “I even made people cry during my solo, so I love that my solo touched so many people’s hearts.” 

To Gonzales, her solo meant more to her than just performing at state; she was honoring those who had lost their lives and witnessed the 9/11 attacks, one of whom was her father. 

I wanted to honor the lives that were lost that day,” Gonzales said. “I gave the solo everything I had, and I really wanted to do well for my dad because he was there on 9/11.” 

Gonzales and the entire SE band did an excellent and phenomenal job of honoring the 3,000 lives that were lost in the event of 9/11, an event that forever changed America. 

Their performance at state was powerful,” band booster and parent Amanda Escalante said. “It displayed respect for the fallen Americans without any words at all. Tears clouded many spectators’ vision.” 

The drum majors, Alex Alvarez, Katie Clayton, and Josh Samaron, walked out onto the field to represent the Wolverine band as they received news of who would be competing in finals. Unfortunately, SE did not receive the news they were desperately hoping for.  

The three drum majors

They were calling all those names and my heart was beating so fast. I just remember it constantly beating,” Alex Alvarez said. “They just kept saying the names, and I was just hoping please say our name. They never did.” 

It was a very upsetting moment for all band members to hear that they did not make it into the finals. However, attending state this year was already a massive accomplishment.

I feel like that performance was the best that our band has ever done,” Gonzales said. “Even though we didn’t make it to finals, I was so proud of all the effort our band gave.” 

Having the chance to attend state was all the juniors and seniors could ask for. It was their last time ever competing in a state year.

“I knew that everyone had tried their hardest, and I was happy that we made it to state whether we made it to finals or not.” Clayton said. 

Even though that the band did not make it into the finals, nothing can take away from their beautiful and spectacular performance. They left their hearts on the field, and the entire Wolverine community could not be any prouder of their awesome performance.  

“Obviously we didn’t make finals, but I believe the band tried our very best and gave it all we had,“ Alex Alvarez said. ‘I wouldn’t have wanted to be drum major of any other band.”