Teacher Spotlight: Melissa Ramon


Teacher Melissa Ramon

Jenna Bridges, Writer

“I thought I’m way too young to be retired, just retired, so I wanted to do something else,” high school teacher Melissa Ramon said. 

Melissa Ramon, sister of Marlana Tanaro, spouse of Baldamar Ramon, has taught at Springlake-Earth High School for 2 years. She graduated from Denver City High School, then later attended Lubbock Christian University, and the University of Texas at Arlington. After retiring from her previous job, working for the city, Mrs. Ramon decided she did not want to stay retired. It can be difficult for her being away from her husband at times, but besides that, there’s not much more challenges she faces in her everyday life. She is pleased and very fond of working as a teacher at SEHS.

“This is my second year teaching at SEHS.” Mrs. Ramon said. 

Mrs. Ramon teaches a diversity of classes. She started off teaching a variety of science classes including biology, and physics. This year Mrs. Ramon added a BIM class to her schedule, which she loves. 

“Being able to do the biology and the science classes, that I like,” Ramon said. “Also getting to do some of the computer classes, I really enjoy those kinds of things.” 

Ramon has already retired, from her previous job, but decided she wasn’t done with her accomplishments yet.  

Teacher Melissa Ramon with her husband

“I retired from the city when I was 50 years old,” Ramon said. “So, I thought ‘I’m way too young to be retired, so I wanted to do something else.’ When I started college, I had planned on teaching.”

After she was done working with the city, she went back to get her certification for teaching. 

“It was one of those things that OK, now that I had worked for the city for 30 years and retired from there, I could go back and look at doing the thing that I had started out to do was to go back and teach,” Ramon said. 

Mrs. Ramon currently lives in Fort Worth with her husband, but stays in Earth most of the time. Although she loves it here, it would be easier for her if she got to see her husband more often.  

“We visit as much as possible, and we talk on the phone, text every single day,” Ramon said. “Yeah, it’s tough, but we make the most of what we can.” 

She missed the feeling of being and working in a small town. 

I love where I’m at!”

— Melissa Ramon

“I grew up in a small town, and then after going to college I was in a big town,” Ramon said. “I’ve been in a big town for over 30 years so, I kind of wanted to come back to a small town.” 

Mrs. Ramon has a variety of hobbies outside of school.

“I like to sew. I like to bake and cook,” Ramon said. “I watch movies with family, play with grandkids, and go on trips.” 

Although Ramon loves teaching, she does see herself enjoying her life outside of work. 

“I can imagine myself doing lots of things, I could be retired and travelling,” Ramon said. “I could be doing the same kind of old job that I had before I started teaching, but I love where I’m at.”