Band Prepares for State Qualifying Competition


Sayler Beerwinkle

Lubbock Practice Contest

Sam Alderson, Writer

The Wolverine Band will compete at the state qualifying competition on Saturday morning at 9:30. October, also known as Band-tober, has been filled with contests each weekend and long practices each day. The band competed at a contest in Denver City, but did not make the finals. At the Lubbock competition, they placed 4th in the 1A division. They have worked since the summer for this competition, with hopes of qualifying for state. There will be a pep-rally on Friday at 3:00 where the band will perform their show for the school to see.  

“The band has made consistent progress over the last three weeks,” lead director Daniel Barber said. “It’s been slow progress, but it’s been consistent so I’m very pleased with it.” 

Although the show has consistently gotten better, some nervousness can still be seen. 

“I’ve been in band since I was in 7th grade, that’s five years and I still get nervous,” junior and drum major, Alex Alvarez said. “Most of the band is 8th graders, so this is their first real competition; of course they’re nervous too.” 

Even with the nervousness and stress, the excitement shows through above all. 

“Of course, I’m nervous,” 8th grader Lizzie Garcia said. “But I’m also super excited because we’ve started doing so much better. I seriously think we have a chance at state.” 

Sophomore Grace McIver also has high hopes for this state qualifying competition. 

“I think we are going to do good because the last two weeks, everyone has been putting in more effort and showing up to practice,” McIver said. “I think we have a good shot at making it to state.” 

8th grader and flute player Jessica Mendoza is another member of the Wolverine Band that will be competing on Saturday. 

“I’m excited,” Mendoza said. “I think we can make it to state.” 

The weather has played a major part in the band’s performances the past few practices and competitions.  

“We’ve had to deal with the insane wind, and insane heat, and it’s supposed to be cold this weekend,” sophomore and twirler Lynnsey Mahler said. “Most of the underclassmen haven’t really had to perform under this much pressure.” 

The band has improved tremendously this past week, gearing up for this important competition. 

“I am really proud of how much progress we’ve made since the start of summer band,” Mahler said. “I’m extremely excited about Saturday.”